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Software Development

Good software, whether payroll software, retail software, training software, billing software, or bookings software requires a thorough assessment of user requirements. Provide us with…

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e-Content Creation

We agree that content is king, what we don’t agree with is that anybody can write it. We specialize in creating the best web content. carving and editing the vision and mission  web…

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Instructional Design

Do you have courses that you need formatted and given a professional layout? We partner with trainers, coaches, public speakers, lectures, and online trainers to create reliable…

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Research Assistance

Besides being undertaken for study purposes, research builds vast and crucial knowledge for making business decisions. It is the most certain way to prove a product or service…

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CCTV Installation

We install and harness existing cameras, or replace them depending on their output. Most importantly, we focus on fixing them in ideal locations. We aim at acquiring quality recordings…

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ICT Consultancy

Looking to set up an ICT center? We are IT experts with years of experience working with large organizations, institutions, and office complexes. We supply and set up computers…

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WLANs Design & Installation

Planning to expand your network or Install afresh? Do you wish to organize your server room? Is your network drop ok? We exist to make wiring and cabling bliss. We supply equipment…

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e-Smart Computer Lessons

The Internet has become the largest source of information today. Unfortunately, if you do not know how to navigate it, you lose on its benefits. Services such as filing taxes…

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Concept Training

Riconets experts train users offline on basic computer concepts and parts . We train individuals, schools, and office teams on advanced use of MS office applications such…

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Digital Marketing

We can make your products and services stand out! So, your products are perfectly ready? Are your target customers aware? People buy what they can see. True, you have a working…

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